About me

Hello, I'm Pieter van Eijk, the founder of Pisenza - the place where good food and gluten-free come together. I have now had celiac disease for over 8 years, which started my search for a tasty, large gluten-free pizza. When I couldn't find these, I decided to make them myself. After countless attempts and adjustments, Pisenza was created.

My simple view is that everyone who needs to eat gluten-free for whatever reason has the right to choice. No one should feel left out. With Pisenza I want to contribute to carefree pizza evenings with friends and family, without hassle about cross-contamination or compromises on taste.

Whether you follow a gluten-free diet or are just looking for a delicious pizza, Pisenza welcomes everyone. Discover gluten-free enjoyment with freedom of choice at Pisenza, where we believe that good food should be accessible to everyone.

Pieter van Eijk Eigenaar Pisenza